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Miniature Zebu Cattle




Red Midget herd sire







Miniature Zebu Cattle are attracting increased attention both in theU.S. and abroad, for a variety of reasons.Their diminutive size, coupled with their friendly, gentle dispositions, makes Miniature Zebus attractive as both private pets and as additions to petting zoos. Full grown Zebus weigh 200 to 400 lbs, and stand no more than 42" tall (our herd bull is 34" tall).


Buffalo Hill Super Star at age 3 months

Zebu cattle - sometimes called "Brahman" cattle in the U.S. - originated in India. This breed is recognized by the distinctive hump on its shoulders. There were about 28 different breeds or types of Zebu by 1950 in the Indian subcontinent. Miniature Zebus are a pint-sized variant of their larger cousins that originated on the Indian island of Sri Lanka, and are known in Hindu as the Nadudana or "small" cattle. Rather than being "bred down" from larger animals, Miniature Zebus are a unique species all their own. 


Buffalo Hill Super Star at age 4 years.  He is our primary herd sire.  34.75"

Their coats range in color from white to dark gray or black, with red and spotted being much rarer colors; their horns come in a variety of shapes and sizes; and unlike their larger kin, whose ears droop, Minis have ears that stick straight out horizontally.But despite their delicate appearance, Miniature Zebus are stout, hardy little animals that are resistant to a wide variety of diseases and insects. Their skin is tough, and the panniculus muscles beneath it that they use for twitching are wiry and well-developed. Obviously, they require much less acreage for grazing than do full-sized versions, making them ideal for sites where space is low or where pastures are thin or water scarce. They require good shelter during cold weather but love the heat of summer.




Some of our  2015 calves sired by 

Buffalo HillSuper Star



IMZA-Registered Foundation Pure
Mini Zebu Bull calf


DOB: 05/04/2014

Sire: Buffalo Hill Super Star  34.75"

Dam: Aarons Chocolate Candi  36"




Bandits Sparkler

Ostings Kimbe and Buffalo hill Super Sabrina



IMZA Foundation Pure Miniature Zebu Bull Calf

Buffalo Hill Midas SS

DOB : 05/08/2015

Sire: Buffalo Hill Super Star  34.75"

Dam: Buffalo Hill Sweet Trick  35"






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